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Mequon Dance Studios

Mequon Dance Studios is the home of Neil Hollingworth of Milwaukee Ballroom Dance. Native of London, England, Neil started ballroom and Latin dancing at the young age of five. With his partner at age 6, he competed successfully in International 10 Dance competitions throughout England and Europe. In 1989, he took his international teaching exam and became a full-time professional dance teacher.

He moved to the United States later that year to train the staff of a large New York/New Jersey franchised dance studio in the "International Style" of ballroom dance. At this time he was also certified in the "American Style" of ballroom and Latin. In 1995, Neil moved to Las Vegas, NV, to choreograph and consult for several large hotel/casino shows and touring groups. In 1998, he moved to Milwaukee, WI , for a professional partnership. 

Neil is now coaching teachers for their professional examinations, as well as teaching Pro/Am, Amateur, Junior and social level dancers in all styles of ballroom and Latin styles. If you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, Neil's ability to teach all levels and styles will help you meet your dancing goals.

Why us?

Dancing should be fun, and here at Mequon Dance Studios we make sure that all our students are not only learning great technique from the best instructors, but are learning to love dance.