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Mequon Dance Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear for my lesson?

While the studio does have a relaxed dress code, we ask that all students attending wear dance appropriate clothing. Make sure your clothing does not restrict or limit your range of motion (example: long skirts can be stepped on or tripped over, stepping on a pant leg that is too long can cause slips, etc). Anyone wearing explicit or offensive clothing will be asked to leave. Dance shoes are strongly suggested, however, for those starting out, a shoe with a leather sole is encouraged (shoes with rubber soles stick to the floor, making turning more difficult).

Do I need a partner?

A partner is not necessary for either group or private lessons. Students will rotate partners in all group classes (rotating is not required for those who wish to dance with their partner).

Private lessons do not require a partner - female students will partner with Neil. Single male students will partner with Therese. 

How long will it take to learn to dance?

There is no scientific formula to calculate precisely how long it will take for any given individual to learn to dance. This will depend on what type of classes are being taken and how many lessons are taken a week, for example, a student taking one group class a week will not learn as quickly as a student taking several private lessons a week. While group lessons have many benefits, it has been proven that students learn quicker when taking private lessons. 

How long is a private lesson?

A single private lesson lasts 45 minutes. Students learning multiple styles may wish to take more than one lesson a day (example: a student books 2 private lessons in a row, the first to work on Smooth/Ballroom dances, such as the Foxtrot, and the second to work on Rhythm/Latin dances, such as Cha-Cha). 

Do I need to sign a contract?

While students are able to purchase several lessons in advance, students will never be asked to sign any form of a binding contract. For questions regarding payments and/or refunds, please see our Policies page.